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The Ghost of the MV Rio Amazonas is a mystery novel by S. Jay Smith describing the voyage of a tourist riverboat on the Amazon River from Iquitos, Peru to Leticia, Columbia. A number of mysterious events transpire to threaten the boat and its US and Brazilian passengers. A sorceress (bruja) provides friendship and romantic advice while the travelers take matters in their own hands in an attempt to discover the cause of the baffling problems.


The Ghost of the MV Rio Amazonas

Jangala Retreat

Amazon Indian Pictures

Matses Indians

Amazon Tribes

Camino Inca

The Lost Treasure of Atahualpa is a work of speculative fiction concerning the ability of the Inca civilization to record and use information.  The historical fiction in this work begins in April 1532 and ends after the capture of Atahualpa. The related contemporary fiction begins in 2011, the one-hundredth anniversary of the report of the discovery of Machu Pichu.

The Lost Treasure of Atahualpa