Amazon Legend of the Mayantu

Iquitos Legends:

The Mayantu

Mayantu Legend


he Mayantu is a goblin-like creature with the face of a frog that lives in the Amazon Rainforest. According to the Iquitos legend, the Mayantu is said to be found living high in canopy of giant trees, such as the Kapok tree. Unlike many other magical inhabitants of the jungle, the Mayantu is not evil, and even is known to come to the aid of humans when they are in trouble and need assistance. Therefore, the Mayantu is often referred to by the people of Iquitos as “the good god of the rainforest.”  However, the Mayantu will not help those who come to the rainforest to destroy it or harm its inhabitants. 


In addition to being an Iquitos legend, the native Yagua Indians also believe in this mythological being.  Curiously, the indigenous Amazonian Yagua Indians still worship this magical deity of the rainforest.  In addition, the Yaguas say that the Mayantu possesses the knowledge of the medicinal plants of the rainforest and can use these plants to cure; hence, to the Yagua, the Mayantu is a "curandero" (one that cures). 

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