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The Iquitos News

and Iquitos Travel Guide

The Iquitos News and Travel Guide is an up to date survival guide that fills a niche that other travel guides such as the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet fail to fill.   The Iquitos Travel Guide provides trekkers with up to date information, weather forecasts, street maps of Iquitos and geographic maps of the surrounding area.  We provide unbiased information that gives visitors the ability to plan their own trip without paying for the services of an Iquitos tourist guide.  Using the tips included in the Iquitos News, the traveler can visit areas not normally seen by tourists who use the services of an Iquitos tour guide or agency.  For example to visit native Amazonian tribes, it is best to deal directly with the indigenous people in order to avoid their being exploited by tour guides.  For more tips and information on Amazon native tribes, visit 

Use the Iquitos News to learn about Iquitos, its natives, and the Amazon Rainforest.  Included are articles on the history of Iquitos, the Belen Street Market, Pasaje Paquito (medicinal plant market), Amazon legends (e.g. the legends of the pink dolphin and the victoria regia), myths, and the plants and animals of the Amazon Rainforest (e.g. the hoatzin and capybara).   Check out the Traveler's Information page to answer basic questions on Iquitos and learn tips on surviving in Iquitos.  In addition, the Iquitos Travel Guide includes Iquitos tourist information on money exchange, food, health, shopping, and security.  Additional information on the rural areas surrounding Iquitos may be found in the All Around Iquitos webpage.  Furthermore, this webpage provides excellent advice on exploring the City of Iquitos and its various attractions, museums, and galleries.  

If you are not familiar with the local cuisine in Iquitos, you are in for a real treat.   The Iquitos Travel Guide article on the Ten Best Restaurants in Iquitos reveals hidden gems where you can have a world class meal for about $2.  Amazonian food is unique in that it is an exotic blend with origins from Peru, Brazil and Colombia.  In addition, please check out our new hotel guide for Iquitos giving you tips on the best places to stay in the City of Iquitos. 

Want to find out how the current weather conditions are in Iquitos?  Then check out the  new and very informative Iquitos Weather Forecast Page.  Here you will find a weather forecast for Iquitos, Peru, including predicted high and low temperatures, probabilities of precipitation, cloud cover, wind conditions, and a map of the current weather conditions for South America.  This current weather report is updated every hour and you can even view a translated TAF (Terminal Area Forecast) for Iquitos, Peru.  In addition to the Iquitos Weather Forecast Page, there is an Iquitos Historic Weather Page that shows the average high and low temperatures, and rainfall for each month of the year.  To complement our Iquitos weather webpages, we have added the Iquitos News Environmental Newsfeed.  Like the weather forecast pages, this dynamic RSS newsfeed is constantly updated, bringing up to the minute news that focuses on environmental issues affecting the Amazon and the world. 

A good place to learn about native plants and animals of the Amazon jungle is the Quistococha Zoo.  In addition, please read our articles on plants and animals of the Amazon Rain Forest.  If you are a sportsman, check out the Fishing in the Amazon webpage for information on peacock bass (tucanaré) fishing.

In order to assist travelers in South America who are taking the lesser traveled routes to Iquitos, we will soon feature articles on how to get to Iquitos from Ecuador via the Napo River.  For traveling in Ecuador on your way to Iquitos, please check out the "Night Bus to Coca" article to learn just how adventurous traveling with the local Amazonian people can be. 

The culture of Iquitos is rich in legends of mythological beings that inhabit the Amazon Rainforest.  Therefore, we have included a new series of articles on Iquitos Legends.  These mythological creatures include the Yacuruna, Mayantu, Tunchi, Chullachaqui, Ayaymama, and Huancahui.  Loretanos (people from Iquitos) are very superstitious and in order to understand their culture, you first need to learn about the legends of Iquitos. 

Need to find a job?  Use the new Iquitos News Amazon Rainforest Forum to find work.  Conversely, you can advertise to find an employee on the Amazon Forum.  Other forum discussion categories include: Travel Companions Wanted, Hotels, Lodges, Tour Guides, For Sale, Photographs, and Videos.  In addition, you can use the General discussion category to post messages on other subjects or off-topic subjects unrelated to Iquitos or the Amazon.

To find Iquitos tourist information on Amazon native tribes, please visit,,, and Here you will find  a source of  videos and photos of the native people of Iquitos and the Amazon Rainforest. and are educational resources on the indigenous people of the Amazon River Basin.  Included are geographic maps, tribal legends, indigenous ceremonies, and descriptions of various Amazon tribes.  Diverse Amazon tribes are included, specifically the Matis, Ticuna, Matsés (Mayoruna), Shipibo, Bora, Marubo, Huaorani, Yanomami and Yagua native Amazonian tribes. 

If you are planning to visit Machu Picchu during your visit to Peru, please visit the wonderful resources on the Camino Inca (Inca Trail) at and  To truly appreciate Machu Picchu, you need to hike the Inca Trail and at you can obtain information and maps on the various backpacking treks and ancient incan ruins that you will encounter along the trail to one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu.

If you would like to visit Letica, Colombia and Tabatinga, Brazil after visiting Iquitos, Peru, the quickest and most dependable way of getting there is via a jet-turbine engine powered boat ("rapido").  The best Amazon River cruise "rapido" service in Iquitos is Transporte Golfinho.

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